About us

It all started in 1976 with Christine’s first Airedale Terrier “Nanda”. When we decided in 2010 – in addition to our swiss mountain dogs (which we have bred for almost 30 years under the name “v. Lühler Dick“) – to add another working dog to our pack, it was immediately clear – in memory of the four-legged companion from childhood – it should be an Airedale Terrier. In Harriet and Hartmut Rosenthal (Kennel v. Erikson) we found breeders who fulfilled our dream of a working Airedale Terrier in autumn 2011 and entrusted us with Zaak Zawadi v. Erikson. Since the beginning of 2017, Zaak’s daughter L’Usoni Njeri v. Erikson also lives with us.

Our aim is to breed healthy, spirited puppies with friendly and confident behaviour that will develop into excellent family, breeding or sporting dogs. We breed according to the regulations of the Klub für Terrier in the VDH and the FCI and cooperate closely with our breeder friends from the Kennel v. Erikson Harriet and Hartmut Rosenthal, both in terms of sport and breeding.

Our Airedale Terrier puppies grow up in Himmelpfort, wich is surrounded by four lakes – in the northern part of Brandenburg. This is how the name of our Airedale Terrier kennel “Four Lake’s” came about. The Airedale Terrier puppies – just like our adult dogs – have access to our house and garden, as well as to a large property at the lake and forest, where we can prepare them for their future life in the best possible way by various excursions as well as visits of the future puppy owners, our family and friends. Even after the puppies have been handed over, we keep in touch with their new families and are available as contact persons for all questions.