Successes our “U”niques

Upper passed his breeding licensing (CH) with an excellent result in the essential test as well as in the exterieur evaluation. His first mating in the kennel “of Styrian Spirit“ (AT) was also successful in June. We wish Katharina all the best for the upcoming litter.
Una Upsi has passed her breeding certification in Russia (RKF) with excellent too. She also accompanies Andrej as an active rescue dog in the service.
Unique Usoni passed her Obedienc class 1 test at the first attempt with excellent and is therefore qualified for the KfT DM Obedience 2022 as well as for the next higher Obedience class 2.
We are very proud of our Njeri puppies and are happy with their owners. More info and photos under “U”niques v. Erikson